Saturday, June 18, 2011

VERY Belated Mother's Day Post

So I started writing a Father's Day post, then realized I never wrote one for Mother's Day! I had so much fun putting together the Father's Day pictures and memories that I just had to go back and do it for my mom as well. So...better late than never, right? Happy (Belated) Mother's Day!

My mom and I have always been so close - as an only child, she was my main playmate growing up. She always humored me by acting out the elaborate plays I devised, mostly based on Disney movies. And she put up with my refusal to ever have my hair fixed or wear cute, girly clothes - she even let me carry my T-Rex book bag on my first day of kindergarten (I think I compromised by wearing a dress)! She read to me every single day when I was little, making sure I had the biggest vocabulary of any toddler around (even if I did force her to read the same Winnie the Pooh book over and over and over again...sorry 'bout that, Mom!)I really feel like I am a better person because of the love, compassion, and empathy she displayed. Thanks, Mom. Love ya!

Now for the pictures...oh boy!

Here we are sporting some extremely lovely '80s hairstyles!

And here we are dressed in silly outfits for some sort of Christmas parade.

One summer when I was in college, my dad surprised us with a mom & daughter cruise to Mexico. We had a blast, though judging by our respective skin tones in this pic, Mom was a bit more diligent with the sunscreen than I was!

Here we are at my law school graduation - hey Mom, wrong camera!

Well, well, aren't we fancy and shiny?!

Mom and I have rarely laughed so hard as we did when learning to cross-country ski this past spring! At one point we both collapsed onto the trail, in hysterics brought on from sheer exhaustion and pain from the stupid ski boots! At one point, I told her to just leave me for the wolves! Thankfully, she didn't, and we managed to take a picture that made us look like we somewhat knew what we were doing!

I love you, Mom! If I can someday be even half the mom you are, my kids will be very lucky indeed!

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