Monday, June 13, 2011

15 Day Challenge - Day 2

Day 2: A Picture of the Cast of Your Favorite TV Show

I absolutely love Mad Men. Why, you ask? See below for my answer:

Hi, Mr. Draper…whenever you’re in the market for a new secretary, CALL ME! ;)

Actually, there are many selling points to this show besides the delicious Jon Hamm. I love shows set in a different era – this one takes place in the 1960s, and the producers have done an awesome job re-creating the booming Madison Avenue advertising business during that time period. I really can’t even explain why it’s so good…but it’s SO GOOD. Watch it, you’ll see.


Karen Hershman said...

was it not I who encouraged getting hooked on it so passionately? ;-) Seriously, I cannot WAIT for it to come back!

Jill P. said...

Yes, Karen...I will be forever grateful for you introducing me to the wonderful world of Draper!!