Thursday, July 28, 2011

15-Day Challenge: Day 13

Well, clearly I fell off the bloggin-wagon! Dang, I was so close to completing my 15-day challenge, too! Oh well, I'll finish it off eventually!

Today's topic is: A Picture of a Person I'd Like to Trade Places with for a Day

For those of you who don't know, this is Sonya Tayeh. She's my girl crush...I just freaking LOVE her!! She is one of the choreographers on So You Think You Can Dance, and she is awesome. Her style is so funky, and I am always in love with every single dance she puts together.

I'd love to be her for a day because she is just! Ha! I'm pretty sure that makes me sound like a huge dork, but come on, wouldn't it be fun to have that crazy hair?! I'd never be brave enough to pull off a style like that (besides, it'd probably be frowned upon for an attorney to have a half-shaved head with a mohawk)! I'd love to have her brand of creativity that allows her to come up with the amazing dance concepts she displays on the show. Plus, I'd love to be able to dance like that...that's a pretty far cry from a severely sprained ankle from attempting Zumba!