Sunday, October 26, 2008

Where did the month go?

After Rachel told me she was disappointed in me for not posting anything recently, I realized that it's been almost a month! I have no idea where the month of October has gone. Now that I am working (for a few more weeks, anyway) it seems that I have no extra time! The contract that I am on right now should last another couple of weeks; after that, I am not sure what's next. The contract attorney agency I work with is actually kind of busy right now, despite the terrible job market, so I might have more work through them, which would be great. Hopefully it will not be another 50-60 hr/week job though...I would like to get home before 8:30 some nights!

Anyway, as for what has been going on with us...not that much really. Jeff did buy a boat, so that is one big addition to our lives. Currently the "big addition" is hanging out in our carport/driveway because it was too big to fit in the garage. Jeff is considering finding a marina at Lake Ray Hubbard to house the boat; that way, he will have it right on the water when he wants to go out and fish. We haven't gotten to use the boat yet, unfortunately. We've had it about 2 weeks, but it's been in and out of the shop. First, a few minor maintenance issues had to be taken care of before bringing it home. Then last weekend, we did try to take it out, but we only managed to float around aimlessly since there was an electrical problem (courtesy of the wonderful mechanics that worked on it before). We had to recruit the extremely helpful marina manager to assist us in dragging the boat manually back onto the trailer since it would not go into gear once we got it into the water. Needless to say, Jeff has been rather frustrated with the situation. But once these little issues get fixed, I am sure we will have a great time catching fish! Or rather, Jeff will have a great time catching fish, and I will have a great time learning/trying to catch fish or just reading a book on the back of the boat.

In other news, our yearly Halloween party is coming up on Nov. 1 weekend, so be on the lookout for some pictures from that. We are actually going to two parties this year - one at my friend Jason's house on Friday night, then the one we are hosting at our house on Saturday. Double the costumes, double the fun! Of course we are wearing DIFFERENT costumes to both parties...couldn't repeat, now could we?! I have gotten extra crafty this year with our costumes, if I do say so myself. I'll post pics ASAP.