Monday, February 22, 2010

New Year, Neglected Blog

Well, if one of my New Year's Resolutions was to post more regular blog updates, I am failing miserably! Actually, I didn't make any resoutions, but I do intend to be a better blogger. Starting now.

The year 2010 has actually been pretty eventful so far. Dallas got record snow fall during Valentine's weekend, and OF COURSE, we missed it. We were on a cruise to Cozumel with our friends Alli and John. Granted it would have sucked to endure the 2-day power outage, but I would have loved to play in the snow like a little kid! But the cruise wasn't too shabby either. We ate like absolute PIGS, enjoyed many relaxing hours reading on the ship's deck, and found a deserted beach in Cozumel where we racked up such a large bar tab that we almost got thrown in Mexican jail for inability to pay (not really, but the bar dude wouldn't take our credit card until he realized we truly did not have the cash to cover the bill)!

Work has absolutely SUCKED lately. Not that it was ever incredibly exciting, but now we are being micromanaged to the point of near insanity. We moved into a new office, which should have been a big positive since our last building was literally falling apart at the seams. I am still surprised that I never plummeted to my death in the faulty elevator shafts. Our new place is much nicer, but unfortunately there's a severe space issue. I am not sure what happened, but I suspect it has something to do with being too cheap to rent enough space for the number of employees. The result: two people at a 1-person desk. Sit me 4 inches (literally) from another person for 9 hours a day, and I tend to become a real bitch! I'm sorry, but I don't like ANYONE enough to sit on top of them all day long. Add that to being completely disrespected by most of the management and it makes for one heck of a work environment! But oh well, this job allows me some flexibility with my work hours (I can come in at 7:00 and leave by 3:00 or 4:00 if I want to have my afternoons free). Not to mention I make pretty decent money for doing an incredibly simple job where I can listen to audio books all day. I have become very well-read over the past 11 months!

This is what I feel like at work most days: "that's the last straw."

In other news, I have started volunteering with an animal rescue organization called Paws in the City. I work at adoptions on weekends, helping to find new homes for these poor abandoned dogs. It's pretty fun; I love meeting all the different dogs and seeing their personalities. Of course it breaks my heart to know that many of them may not find homes. Jeff and I have been throwing around the idea of finding a doggie companion to join our family. I grew up with dogs my ENTIRE life and really love the happiness they bring to a home. Jeff has never had a dog, so he is more skeptical. They ARE a lot of responsibility, but I figure if we are going to be having kids in the near future, we might as well get used to that! We just have to find a dog that works well with Bella. She is our first baby, so she calls the shots. We won't bring home a dog that will terrorize her! So, we have to be incredibly picky, which is something that everyone should do when adopting a pet in the first place! We actually brought home a temporary "foster dog" for a couple days a few weeks ago. It was kind of a test run to see how things would go. Plus, Paws in the City wanted to see how this dog behaved in a home since she had been picked up as a stray and little was known about her. We called her Kira, and she was a sweetie. However, her severe separation anxiety was a problem - it was clear to us that she needed a home where there was one stay-at-home person and/or other dogs to keep her company. Also, she was a little too curious about Bella for our liking! We couldn't feel comfortable leaving them alone together in the house.

Here's Kira, our temporary foster dog, checking out the kitchen.

I guess that's about it from the Prudhommes at the moment. Be watching (all 3 of you readers) for a new blog project coming soon. It's called Six Degrees of Supperation, and it is a cooking blog that I will be contributing to with a group of my girl friends. We all love cooking blogs, trying new recipes, and sharing them and our success (or failure) stories with each other. So very soon we will have an online forum to do that, and other people can read it too!