Thursday, August 28, 2008


Yes, I admit it - I am a book nerd. I am literally ALWAYS reading, and I usually have more than one book going at a time. So, since lots of my friends/family members also love to read, I thought I would start posting about the books I am currently reading/ have just finished. Maybe you've read some of them too, or maybe you'd like to read them (or avoid them) based on my comments. If you want to borrow any of my books, let me know and we could do an exchange - I am always looking for good new reads.

The Story of Edgar Sawtelle, by David Wroblewski (2008)
So far - love it! I saw an interview with the author on the Today show and decided to pick it up. It's his first novel; he had the idea over 10 years ago and set out to write his book, but realized he didn't know anything about being an author. So, he went back to school, went through many drafts, and eventually published the book, which is almost 600 pages. I thought it was an impressive story of a first-time writer, so I picked it up. So far it's about a little boy who was born mute in the 1960s; the book follows his life on his family's dog-breeding farm. Since he does not speak, he is very observant and insightful. He develops a close relationship with one of the family's dogs, who understands his sign language and shares a type of communication that is more intellectual than physical with the boy. I feel like something sad is bound to happen...after all, dogs' lives are short compared to humans', so I expect it may be a tear-jerker in the end. I'll let you know soon, as I think this will be one that I can't put down!

Nutrient Timing, by John Ivy, Ph.D, and Robert Portman, Ph.D. (2004)
Not a gripping read, but a necessary one, as my body is beginning to rebel against my efforts to stay fit! The scientists who wrote this book figured out a precise formula for the implementation of the key nutrients promoting lean muscle mass in your diet. Jeff has been working out according to this plan and a new weight-lifting schedule, and he is looking great! I will let you know how my quest for a hot bod goes!

All the Pretty Horses, by Cormac McCarthy (1992)
Recommended: YES, but some may get frustrated with his writing style, which is compared to Faulkner (not everyone's cup of tea).
This was something different than what I usually read in that it is a true western. Cowboys, horses, gun-slinging, etc. The author has a gift for scenery description and an interesting way of telling his story. For one thing, there are NO quotation marks in the entire book. So, if there is a dialogue going on between several people, you have to pay attention more closely to follow it. It takes place in the mid-1900s in the plains and ranches of south Texas and Mexico.
Oh yeah, there is also a movie based on the book - made sometime in the 90's, starring Matt Damon and Penelope Cruz.

A Tree Grows In Brooklyn, by Betty Smith (1943)
Recommended: YES, but if you like a lot of action in your books, you will be disappointed.
I had always heard about this book - I think some high schools/colleges require it, but mine didn't so I finally got around to reading it. It follows the life of a little girl born to an extremely impoverished family in Brooklyn in the early 1900s. The author grew up in the same type of conditions described in the book, so even though it's not an autobiographical novel, the setting is at least an accurate portrayal of how it was. Very interesting to read about a place which is so urbanized today - the descriptions of life in Brooklyn back then are fascinating, if a little heart-wrenching at times.