Tuesday, June 14, 2011

15-Day Challenge: Day 3

Day 3: A Picture of Someone You Miss

I can’t just limit this to one person...but both of these girls live in the same city, so I guess I am not breaking the rules of the blog challenge too much!

Amanda (left of me) and Alli (right of me) are my two oldest friends. They both live in Spring, TX now, and I miss them so much!

I met Amanda in 6th grade, and we were instantly friends. Every day of every summer when we were younger, we’d ride bikes to the Lucky Lady gas station for a drink or candy bar, then cool off afterwards in my pool. In high school, we suffered through embarrassing outfits on the dance team and talked on the phone about boys for hours until our parents wanted to kill us! Lucky for me, she went to college in San Marcos, so trips to visit her always meant fun times floating the river! We still love to spend hours on the phone, filling each other in on hometown gossip and laughing like crazy!

Here we are, circa 1999, in a hilarious Glamour Shots session...why on earth did we do this?!

I met Alli in 8th grade, and we’ve been partners in crime ever since! We embraced our nerdiness together in high school mock trial (what an intimidating duo) and both decided it’d be a great idea to wear crop-top dresses to senior prom (photo evidence below - what on earth were we thinking?!)!! We went off to college together, where we made some of my best memories ever. Nobody can make me laugh quite like she does…all it takes is for us to share a quick glance and we both break down in giggles, no explanation necessary!

Here we are right before our senior prom, year 2000...setting the trend for the year....or NOT! Ridiculous! At least we were super skinny!


Allison said...

Haaaa! Seriously, what a weird trend! Crop top formal dresses?!?! What WERE we thinking??

Laura and Lane said...

It is so very Decatur!!