Sunday, June 5, 2011

15 Day Challenge

OK, so here's how I am going to give my blog the little kick in the butt it's been needing. I'm doing a 15-Day Challenge where each day for 15 days, I blog a picture and a short post (I swear, y'all, I will keep it short, despite my tendency toward wordiness). I decided I just can't commit to the full 30-Day Challenge, so I pared down the blog categories from my friend Rachel's challenge.

So, here we go - DAY 1: A Picture of Yourself with Ten Facts

The Picture:

This is probably one of the only recent pictures I actually like (probably because my hair and make-up were professionally done)! Pretty sad since it was taken over 3 yrs ago!

And now the Facts:

1. I love to cook but am prone to kitchen injuries! I burn my fingers, hand, or arm almost every time I bake something in the oven. And if I am using the cheese grater, rest assured that I will grate off some skin and/or a fingernail in the process! Good thing I am not holding out for a career in hand-modeling…I’d never make it!

2. I hate scary movies, and I won’t watch them. Particularly ones about serial killers, rapists, or other varieties of depraved lunatics. Oh, and you can also forget it if there are demonic children and/or other freaky paranormal things. So, basically…if it can be construed as a horror film, or even remotely scary, have fun at the theater without me!

3. I have a Little Brother from Big Brothers, Big Sisters. His name is Ian, and he is the coolest kid! We share a love of Harry Potter, and he always wins me stuffed animals from those arcade grab machines!

4. I love spinning classes. I started going when I was in high school, and over the past 11 years, I probably haven’t gone more than 2-3 weeks without either attending a spin class or doing my own “class” at home on my bike. For anyone who says spinning is boring…all it takes is the right music mix to change your mind! My plan is to get re-certified sometime soon so I can start teaching again.

5. I really hate animal print. And pink. I won’t wear either.

6. I cannot stand having dirty feet! OMG it freaks me out! That gritty feeling of sand or dirt stuck to the bottoms of my feet is disgusting!! So you’ll rarely see me walking around barefoot outside. Consequently, my feet are super tender…I will cringe walking across the driveway or even grass! If I do walk outside barefoot, I’ll come right in and wash off the bottoms of my feet!

7. I am a little bit OCD. Not crazy must-wash-hands-six-times-while-standing-on-left-foot OCD, but I do have some tendencies. Like…I count stairs. If I am walking up stairs, you can bet I am counting them in my head. I won’t freak out and go back to the bottom if I lose count or forget, but it’s an unconscious habit that I ALWAYS do. Also, if you start a song lyric, a list, or a movie quote, I have to finish it. If I can’t finish it off the top of my head, I’ll look it up, and then it will inevitably get stuck in my head (I get things stuck in my head VERY easily, for HOURS, and it drives me crazy). Jeff likes to amuse himself by torturing me with this. Right now I have the ‘90s song “The Humpty Dance” stuck in my head for this very reason!

8. I am a big scaredy-cat (see #2 above re: scary movies). It is VERY easy to startle me, because I have a fear of someone sneaking up behind me or waiting unseen for me to walk by. And if you REALLY startle the heck out of me, I will probably do one, or all, of these things: 1) Jump a mile (and probably knock something over), 2) Scream or gasp loudly, 3) Start crying (not like sobbing, but my natural reaction after getting startled is that tears just pop into my eyes - but don't worry, I am usually laughing at myself at the same time). Jeff also gets endless amusement from this, even though he rarely startles me on purpose.

9. I am almost always running late. If you tell me to be at the restaurant by 7:00, expect me around 7:15. Sorry! I apologize in advance for being late!

10. I am an annoying texter – just a warning in case you were thinking of texting me! I get carried away, and before I know it, I’m sending you a long e-mail length text. I rarely abbreviate, either, and sometimes have to ask my friends what their text-speak means. I only recently figured out what SMH meant (scratching my head). My friend Chena likes to make fun of me for my novel-length, fully spelled-out texts! But I’m getting better!

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Assbucket said...

I have the same thing about feet!! I wear flip flops in the house if it doesn't have carpet, and the only time I don't wear shoes outdoors is if I'm drunk and wearing heels. And yes, I wash my feet too. Like in Vegas!
Sorry we can't share stories of serial killers, I guess I'm just a huge weirdo. That's kind of a normal thing to be afraid of...