Friday, June 17, 2011

15-Day Challenge: Day 7

Day 7: Somewhere I’d Love to Travel

There are SO many destinations on the list of places I’d love to travel – but I am choosing just one for this post so as to not go on and on and on! Tahiti has been on my mind lately, since my friends John and Erin just booked a place in Bora Bora for their honeymoon! Lucky ducks!

Just LOOK at it…how much more gorgeous of a location could you want? Everything is swimming in green, aqua, and turquoise, which just so happen to be my favorite family of colors! Too bad the Texas – Tahiti flights are FOREVER long. Oh well, that’s what Ambien is for!

I picture this vacation to be the ultimate in relaxation. Reading a book in the white sand, listening to the sounds of the calm water, maaaaaaybe mustering enough energy for a couple hours of ocean kayaking in the afternoon. Warm sun. Fresh, fruity drinks. Bliss.

Over-water bungalows have to be some of the sexiest accommodations on earth! Doesn’t the water just look SO inviting? And you can just walk right down your own personal little ladder! And it totally doesn’t look like there would be many sharks in there! Yes, I am terrified of sharks. I irrationally imagine that all the sharks in the vicinity have installed some sort of GPS locator on my body and hungrily swim my way each time I get into the ocean! OK, it’s not really THAT bad…but I do get quite nervous in the water. Strangely, I would much rather jump off the back of a catamaran into clear, deep water to go snorkeling than wade out from shore up to my neck. Something about not being able to see what’s around me in the waves is just unsettling.

But I could see for miles in these blue Tahitian waters…sign me up!!


kimberlyann05 said...

Agreed!!! The flight length is why Jeremy and I didn't choose Bora Bora for our honeymoon. I'm ready to go when you are! :)

Karen Hershman said...

Ah, the flights aren't so bad--go to LA for a night and break up the trip--for there it's only 7 hours and sooo worth it! It really is as dreamy as it looks and they really have it nailed in terms of taking care of the visitors. Just go now, before you have kids like we did! ;-)