Friday, June 24, 2011

15-Day Challenge: Day 10

Oops, I've kind of fallen behind on my posts and missed a couple days! Without further ado...Day 10: A Picture of Something I Wish I Was Better At

OK, that's just freaky.

Have you guessed what I wish I was better at yet? NO, not contortionism. Yoga! I absolutely suck at yoga. I do not find it relaxing, meditative, or enjoyable in the least.

For one thing, I am NOT flexible. At all. I spend the entire class straining to twist my body into some semblance of the different positions, sweating waaay too much for a yoga class (I've never even DONE hot yoga...I might pass out). Forget focusing on my breathing, I am lucky if I even remember to breathe at ALL while trying to figure out how to get from Warrior Pose to Triangle Pose without falling over.

Also, I suddenly develop ADD in yoga classes. I think it's because I am used to my workouts being really action-packed with loud music and lots of movement to keep my attention. Put me in a quiet yoga studio, with soft music, and I am immediately looking around the class for something to distract me. One time I almost had to leave class because I was giggling to myself about this crazy long toe the lady in front of me had! It was seriously gross. Oh, and I giggle at the cheesy crap the instructors say, too. I really just can't keep a straight face if you are telling me to "reach within myself to find my energy ball." Sorry. Just not gonna happen!

So, yeah...I think maybe yoga is not the exercise discipline for me. Even though I really think that in THEORY, it looks so nice and relaxing. Oh well. Namaste!

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