Friday, January 28, 2011

Things I Love: Zella Workout Pants

Hey blog readers - I've decided I am going to start writing a "Things I Love" post now and then. I'm super picky about pretty much everything - food (though that's getting better), clothes, shoes, friends, etc. Just ask Jeff - this conversation is not uncommon in our house:

Jeff: Are/is those/that your new boots/shoes/pants/dress/recipe/etc?
Me: Yes. I don't like it/them.
Jeff: Gee, that's surprising.

Yep, I am pretty choosy. So when I find something I love, I REALLY love it, which is a victory worthy of sharing.

Today's installment of Things I Love: the athletic clothing brand Zella, exclusive of Nordstrom. I have been looking for the perfect long-length workout pants, and I've finally found them - the Zella Booty Pants! They are made of some of the softest material I've ever felt, and even though it's a stretchy, moisture-wicking material, they aren't shiny like spandex. They are long, with a slight flare at the bottom to go over my shoes. So many workout pants end up looking like high-waters on me, but not these! And best of all, they skim off at least 5 lbs from that pesky lower-body region that always needs firming. I swear, these pants will make it look like you live to do squats - they somehow lift and firm your booty while slimming your hips and thighs. Magical! I got them in black, but I am already eyeing the gray and navy.


Tessa said...

oooooh, I totally may invest in some of these!!! Thanks Jill, I like this new series. How is the 30 before 30 list going? Hope your foot is feeling better.

Jennifer said...

I will have to check those out! Do they come in varying lengths? I have an extremely hard time finding them long enough!

Jill P. said...

They're actually pretty long, although I am not sure if they're long enough for you...they are about a 32-inch inseam I think. But one of my really tall friends says that she buys all her workout pants at Victoria's Secret - their classic yoga pant comes in different inseams so you can order up to a 36 I think.