Tuesday, January 4, 2011

30 Before 30 Update

A couple months ago, I started my 30 Before 30 List (see a few blog posts down). Since then, I've marked a couple things off my list. Yay for making progress!

I think this update is a good "starting off the new year" blog post. Here are the things I've accomplished so far and the things I'll be working on next:

#1 - I actually went ahead and replaced #1 on my list with a new goal. The previous goal - learn to ride a road bike and maybe enter some races - just wasn't doing it for me. Not that I am ruling out ever riding a road bike, but I realized that I wasn't setting this goal for ME - I was doing it entirely for Jeff. I've never really had any particular desire to do road biking, but since Jeff is now into it, I thought I should learn so I could share in his hobbies. But...I really don't love biking (not yet anyway). I like running, and doing spinning classes, and other fitness-related activities...so I'll be sticking to those for the immediate future.

So my new #1 on the list is: Establish myself with a set of doctors I trust and feel comfortable with. I'm well on my way to completing this one. It may seem a strange goal, but I really think it's important to have doctors that you can really trust. I recently switched primary care physicians because I felt like my previous guy was always rushing through my appointments and not listening to me. Plus he was one of those people who says your full name all the time, which really creeps me out. As in: "Hey, Jillian, what can we do for you today, Jillian, how have you been feeling, Jillian?" I'm sure he's a good doctor, but no thanks. The jury is still out on whether I really like my new primary care physician or not...I've only seen her once.

I also recently (as in today) switched dermatologists. As you all probably know, I had melanoma a couple years ago and have since been a frequenter of my derm's office. He's a good guy and I am sure a wonderful doctor...after all, he did find the melanoma and likely saved my life. However, I felt he was too conservative. He liked to "watch" my moles to see if they changed rather than just biopsy them and get them off me. I also felt that he was uncomfortable, shy, and awkward doing detailed exams. I am sure this was just a professional courtesy for privacy protocols, but still. If it's going to save me from cancer, I will gladly stand nude under bright lights, jump through hoops (not nude, preferably), and generally lose all modesty. So I found a new derm, saw her for the first time today, and love her! She was very thorough, and operates under the theory that you should just cut off any suspicious moles rather than watch/wait. So I got 3 cut off today...yay! It makes me feel healthier just to have them removed, which I know is weird, but oh well.

I also have a new OBGYN who I've been seeing for over a year now, and I love her as well. I went on the search for a doctor I'd feel comfortable going through pregnancy and delivering a baby with, and she is fabulous.

#4 - Learn to cook more vegetarian dishes. My in-laws got me an awesome Christmas gift: cooking lessons at a great vegetarian restaurant (that also happens to be part of a very serene Hare Krishna temple) called Kalachandji's. Jeff and I love this place, and I am looking forward to learning some new cooking methods from them.

Here's a pic of the restaurant's beautiful courtyard. I recommend it to anyone wanting to try something new.

Photo by John Noeding Photography

#8 - Find a brand/style of jeans that really fits my body. I found a few pairs of jeans at Off 5th Ave - brands Joe's Jeans and Paige Denim - that I really love. Some are skinny jeans that I can tuck into boots, and I even got a pair of black jeans (technically jeggings, but I HATE that word)! They all fit me better than any jeans I've had in a while, though I often still have the problem that if the jeans fit in the thighs, they are too big in the waist. Alas, it's just my body type!

#14 - Finish the book I started writing about my grandparents' lives. I finished up the book after researching, writing, and editing it for almost a year (I was pretty lax about it for a while, oops)! I love how it turned out, and all my family members on my mom's side got them as gifts for Christmas. Here's a pic:

#13 & 27 - Visit a new city, and Take a cold weather vacation. I might just get to accomplish two in one. Jeff and I are planning a vacation for later this winter. We are currently tossing around the idea of going to Colorado or Montana to learn how to snowshoe and cross-country ski!

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Angelique said...

Hey Jill,

I haven't checked your blog in ages, but today it was a great way to distract myself from work :)

I just wanted to let you know that Jarrod and I went hiking (snowshoeing paradise) just this weekend near our home. You should visit Seattle ... We'd love visitors!

Anyways thanks for the distraction today!