Monday, May 31, 2010

I Miss the Sun

On beautiful summer days like the ones we've been having lately, I get kinda depressed. That seems odd, right? Well, it's just because I miss the sun. I live a mostly indoor life now, and I don't always love it. It's been one year and 4 months since I had a mole that turned out to be melanoma excised from my right side, and since then, I've had to be very careful about sun exposure. And I know that EVERYONE should be very careful about sun exposure no matter what, but for people with previous melanomas, this is particularly important. Now if I go out, I have to make sure I can find a shady spot to hide under every half-hour or so. I have to spend a long time before going outside covering every inch of my body with SPF 50 sunscreen, and even then I notice my skin getting red more quickly than usual. My poor skin is just not used to seeing any rays, so it turns red in an instant. In reality, these are small sacrifices...and I know I am complaining when I shouldn't be. I am SO incredibly grateful that my melanoma was discovered and removed before it became a life-threatening cancer. But still, I just get jealous of all those people who can just slap on a bit of sunscreen and head to the pool or the lake at a moment's notice. Also, I hate the way I look in a bikini these days...but more on that particular complaint in a later post!

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Laura and Lane said...

I think it is very smart of you to stay away from the sun even though it sucks! I too have stopped going in the sun for various reasons - you have really encouraged me to stay on top of dermo appointments and it is a reminder that melanoma isn't a joke - its real and it happens to young healthy people.

there are a few people in my class who have stories re: melanoma and they are part of the reason they have gone back to school to be a nurse. One had it himself.

Pale unite! It's not worth it...and we have husbands who loves us fat, skinny, tan and pale! :) we're lucky!