Tuesday, April 6, 2010

2nd Anniversary

Yesterday Jeff and I celebrated our 2nd Anniversary! I can't believe it's already been two years since our awesomely fun wedding. I wish we could keep re-living our wedding reception over and over again - it was so much fun to party and celebrate with our friends and family!

Our first anniversary was on a Sunday, and we spent the day at the spa getting couple's massages. This year, since our anniversary fell on a Monday, we had to do something in the evening after work. When Jeff got home from work, we exchanged gifts. We don't really "go big" on anniversary gifts, so we each just got each other something small. Plus, the theme for 2nd year anniversary gifts is apparently "cotton." Not sure who came up with this random correlation of gifts and years, but hey, we went with it!

I got him this silly t-shirt that I made on CustomInk.com. Some of the things on there are little jokes between the two of us - he is so goofy that we always have something to laugh about!

I wanted it to be an apron because he has said he needs one, but with the font size restrictions, it wouldn't fit on the front of the apron. So I just got a comfy t-shirt that he can wear around the house.

His gift was WAY sweeter than mine! I can never think of anything to get him because 1) whatever he needs, he goes out and gets himself, and 2) the only stuff he ever wants is fishing gear! Anyway, here is what he got me:

Yep, that is exactly what it looks like: a crib sheet!! This may seem odd, since we don't have a baby, nor am I pregnant. But, no...it's perfect! He got this for me to symbolize that he is excited to take that next step with me and become parents together. He said he realizes that he rarely ever talks about having a baby in a positive light, so he wanted me to know that as we enter our third year of marriage, we can begin to plan our family! Jeff has often said that he is scared to have a child because he knows it means that we will have to do a lot of growing up, and our lives will have to change significantly. Right now, when we want to go out of town, we just pack up and go. We have our own schedule that we are very comfortable with, and obviously a baby will change that. Our lives will revolve more around our children than ourselves, and they will take top priority in our considerations. That doesn't mean we won't still be able to have fun, though! We are so lucky to live in a great family-raising neighborhood near many of our closest friends. We all love to get together for game nights, back yard BBQs, and game-watching parties. We stopped going out to the bar for a "fun activitiy" a LONG time ago! When we have kids, we can still do these same things that we enjoy doing now. It just may be more of a 3-ring circus with all our kiddos running around the house and yard!

This is by far the sweetest gift ever! Out of the blue, he can be so thoughtful. The best thing is, the sheet is not just any old crib sheet! It's made from super soft organic cotton, good for babies who just MIGHT inherit their mother's incredibly allergy-prone skin! And it's GREEN, my favorite color...and good for either a girl or boy's crib.

So, stay tuned this year for the Prudhomme's baby plans! We aren't going to rush into it right this minute, but we are going to start planning.


Laura and Lane said...

This goes down in the history of romantic/kind/sweet gifts!!!

Nice work, Jeff!

I am so excited to hear and see of the baby talk plans! How exciting!!

Silvia said...

How exciting!! You two will make WONDERFUL parents!!

carolyn said...

oh i love it! what a super thoughtful anniversary gift! you 2 will be the best parents :) your babies will be brilliant, beautiful, athletic, caring & clever... looking forward to westlake family gatherings, whenever they happen! :)